Green Building

Environmentally Friendly Construction

Special concrete mix greatly improves insulation properties of pre-cast reinforced wall & roof panels.

Concrete roof panels with reflective paint improves building thermal insulation.

Low energy cooling system 600W peak/300W average per 100m² .

Energy Efficient Multi-function Facilities

Computer centres operating without conventional air-conditioners.

Concrete equipment shelters operating without conventional air-conditioners.

Commercial buildings operating without conventional air-conditioners.

Cost effective

Pre-cast reinforced wall and roof panels manufactured in high volumes at discounted prices.

Short Construction time (12 persons complete a 200m² building in 4 weeks).

Computer-aided design, Bill of Material and costing.

Durable & high quality

Concrete building design according to civil engineering specification.

Wall panel sizes 2.45m high x 500mm/300mm wide, Roof panel size 2.9m long x 500mm wide.

100mm thick concrete panels strength 30Mpa (5 x stronger than bricks).



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